ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler
ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler

ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler

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ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler evaporative air cooler, humidifier and purifier works via any usb power supply. It can be run by using a laptop, a power bank or a wall outlet. You just need to fill the tank with water, then plug it into a power source and enjoy refreshing, cooling air! easy operation & night light precisely adjustable fan speed allows you to control the sound level as you wish. You can match any interior by using 7 sets of built-in led lights

ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler Features:

  • built-in water tank lasts up to 8 hours freon free
  • energy efficient & eco-friendly compact & powerful & ultra-quiet operation
  • built-in led mood light-7 different colors with color-cycle option!

ExpressPolar™ Portable Air Cooler works on the power of water evaporation, taking hot and dry air and making it cool and moist — the simplest and most efficient cooling technology. ExpressPolar™ is Freon Free and doesn’t need any other toxic coolants. It’s not just safe to use but eco-friendly! Other AC systems use a lot of power to try and cool an entire house or building, which is very costly! This personal space air cooler actually cools the air around you, where you need it most while using the size and power consumption of a small fan!

Its sleek compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand or coffee table – wherever you need it! It’s great for dens, reading nooks, work, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, work spaces, benches, basements, garages and more! It’s even convenient for travel!

**How to use:**

1. Place the Portable Air cooler on a flat surface.
2. Use the USB cord to plug the Arctic Air into an outlet or other adapter.
3. Open the water tank's door flap to fill it with cold water.
4. Wait at least 3 minutes to let the filter absorb the water.
5. Press the Power button to turn on the Arctic Air cooler.
6. Add more water when you notice the water level getting low.

**Changing the Settings and Filter:**

▪ Set the fan speed by pressing the button with the fan icon.
▪ Change the light color by pressing the light icon.
▪ Alter the light brightness by pressing and holding the light button.
▪ Replace the filter when the tank light turns amber, or every 6 months.
▪ Reset the filter by holding the fan and light buttons for 3 seconds.

Specifications: Arctic Air Cooler Ultra

  • Product Dimensions: 10.15 x 11.1 x 12.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.55 pounds
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 8.1 Watts


The Arctic Air cooler works more like a small fan you would sit right in front of, and it isn't designed to cool down a whole room.
Position yourself right in front of the Arctic Air cooler to feel the most cool air.
Avoid using this air cooler in super humid climates, as this will only make the air worse.


Avoid placing the Arctic Air cooler in direct sunlight or near heated sources for long periods of time.
Always unplug the machine if you're cleaning, filling, or moving it.
Avoid blocking the vents (both the front and back) of the air conditioner, and don't place anything on top of it.

Package Include:

  • Replaceable Evaporative Air Filter
  • Wall Adapter
  • User Manual