Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)
Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)

Invisible Upper Arm Shaper (1-Pair)

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Invisible Upper Arm Shaper helps you Slimming your Arms Without doing Any Exercise.


Invisible Upper Arm Shaper Improves Blood Circulation with Mild Compression, Reduce Suffering from different types of Vascular Disease.




Slimming Your Arm - Massage by Mild Compression to Help Reducing Fatigue, Improve upper arm's muscle endurance and strength

Burning Arm Calories - Sleeves Increase Blood Circulation and Help Burning Calories in your arms when you move

Light and Flexible Material - Comfortable to wear it for a long time

Health Function - Massage by Mild Compression from sleeves Reduce Blood Clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Varicose Veins, and Spider Veins

Universal size - The arm sleeve stretches from 7" to 18" height, Soft fabric is Stretchable to Fit for you

Invisible Design - You can wear it under any clothes



  • Color: Beige / Black
  • Size: Free
  • Quantity: 1-Pair (2-Pcs)
  • Material: NYLON
  • Length: 20-30cm



Q: Why is it so small?

A: When you first receive the arm sleeves, they appear small. However, because this is a compression garment, they have considerable stretch. They will also slowly adjust to the size of your arm and become larger after multiple wears. 

Q: How long should I wear it and how often?

A: We suggest wearing the sleeves for 30 minutes a day, every day. You will see results after 30 days and will continue to see results with frequent wear. If you prefer, you can wear these sleeves throughout the day for control of arm flab/jiggling, or to fit into a form-fitting piece of clothing. It all depends on your comfort level, but 30 minutes per day is the minimum amount of time we recommend.

Q: How does it burn fat/reduce excess skin?

A: The ribbed texture of the garment along with the compression increases blood flow to the area and burns more calories. It also trains the skin cells to stay closer together, and the ribbed texture increases elastin and collagen production, which helps skin return to its original condition. 

Q: What is the largest diameter these can stretch to?

A: They have considerable stretch, but 15 inches in diameter is the largest it can comfortably stretch to.

Q: How should I wear these?

A: Pull these up over your arm all the way up to your armpits, so the sleeves sit comfortably on your upper deltoid area.